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Specialising in lead generation for property development & the finance sector.

Who We Are

Elite Digital Campaigns (EDC) is a sales and digital marketing agency that specialise in lead generation for property development and finance sector throughout Australia and Asia.

gia le

Meet Owner & Founder Gia Le

Gia is an award-winning entrepreneur, marketing strategist and dog lover. Graduating with a degree in Marketing and the Media, Gia spent ten years working in the finance and insurance sector where she excelled in sales, data analysis and financial modelling.

Founding Elite Digital Campaigns, Gia combined her formidable talents in research, data interpretation and marketing expertise to deliver tangible business outcomes. Gia’s business acumen and insights have given her the ability to understand how organisations work across multiple industries. This, in turn, has allowed Gia to offer her clients the strategic advantage of understanding and reaching their target audience in an increasingly cluttered space.

Above all, it is Gia’s passion for training, development and emerging technology that has set her at the forefront of digital marketing, whilst working with clients across Asia, Australia and Europe.


We Are Data Driven Specialists

Boutique in strategy, corporate in delivery and fun in identity, we are a result driven team that generate quantifiable returns on investment.

We understand that sales and marketing work in collaboration and clients no longer compete in local markets but rather in a global marketplace that requires international insight.

Understanding numbers, finance and metrics is what sets us apart from traditional marketing agencies.

Our team have helped developers’ market over $1.50 billion worth of property across Australia and Asia.

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