Meet the team.

The EDC Family

Gia Le

Founder & Managing Director

Gia is an award-winning entrepreneur, marketing strategist and author of the popular Perthspectives blog. Graduating with a degree in Marketing and the Media, Gia spent ten years working in the finance and insurance sector where she excelled in sales, data analysis and financial modelling.

Founding Elite Property Campaigns, Gia combined her formidable talents in research, data interpretation and marketing expertise to deliver tangible business outcomes. Gia’s business acumen and insights have given her the ability to understand how organisations work across multiple industries. This, in turn, has allowed Gia to offer her clients the strategic advantage of reaching their target audience in an increasingly cluttered space.

Above all, it is Gia’s passion for training, development and emerging technology that has set her at the forefront of digital marketing.

Marguerite Jordaan

Digital Account Manager

A bubbly and personable creative with a passion for all aspects of the arts industry, Marguerite graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and several commendations from senior University staff on her excellent work ethic and academic achievement. Her meticulous attention to detail, unparalleled determination and strong work ethic play an integral role in her success as an Account Manager.

A firm believer in the importance of ongoing relationship management, Marguerite has always understood the importance of cooperation and clear, open communication.  She prides herself on her high emotional intelligence and warm, empathetic nature which enables her to quickly get to know her clients, predict and solve problems before they arise and ultimately provide a tailored experience specific to individual needs and preferences. Marguerite consistently gives her all and makes sure all of her clients feel like a million dollars. She loves animals, snacks and travelling the world. 

Amy Walsh

Digital Account Manager

A passionate Perth Creative with a flair for all things written, Amy Walsh is our intern turned digital marketer and property copywriter. Amy does more than wrangle with commas, using the power of stories to craft engaging content that generates real results. Managing some of our longest-standing accounts, Amy brings her wealth of customer service and team management experience to the table, with an unrivalled passion for results-driven success.

Nicki Williams

Marketing and Communications Manager

Nicki offers diverse industry experience in public relations and marketing communications. Her career started in the USA, working for a small, prestigious public relations form in Houston, Texas. After working there for two years, Nicki moved back to Perth and commenced work for several national public relations agencies and multinational corporations. Nicki is also an ambassador for the charity group Mondo Community Warriors, a current judge for the Housing Industry Association, and a mentor for the Smith Family, assisting challenged teenagers with their school and career-based decisions.

Emma Ferguson

Senior Consultant

Affectionately known as the “marketing guru”, Emma Ferguson assists in the professional development of our team through creative, innovative and forward-thinking leadership. Providing invaluable insight in implementing winning sales and marketing ideas, Emma brings with her a wealth of experience in property, construction and retail marketing. Specialising in the development of strategies that drive qualified leads for sales conversion, Emma is an indispensable part of our team and a wonderful friend.