Selling Off The Plan Apartments – How to Create the Perfect Campaign

Selling off the plan apartments is an art—one which I have seen become refined during the past five years.

At the heart of selling off-plan apartments, what property developers are selling is hope and a promise to deliver on the lifestyle advocated in your glossy brochures. Like a luxury handbag, marketing off the plan apartments is a representation of someone’s aspiration of who they think they are or who they want to be.

Working with some of the most elite developers across Australia and Asia, we have seen the inner workings of how they craft, sell and deliver their projects. These are the hallmarks we have noticed and why you need to pay attention:

1. Great renders

Creating great renders is synonymous to being a great artist like Michelangelo and Leonardo. You must have the ability to evoke a sense of connection and emotion whilst painting a grand vision.

Renders are more than just computer-generated images. They are a reflection of the buyer’s aspiration, evokes desire and have an ability to project their future lives into your grand vision. You have to create instant attraction.

Great renders are better than photography. Because whilst they border on realism, there is a certain fairytale ideal that buyers are drawn to. Furthermore, exquisite renders contain these core elements:

  • Absolute attention to detail.
  • Vivid colour palettes
  • Perception of seamless movement
  • Beautiful gradients of light.

This is why you should never go cheap or compromise on beautiful renders because if all you have to sell right now is hope, you must tangibilise the intangible.

2. Display suite

A display suite is more than just a showcase of what your development will look like. Life is a theatre, as Shakespeare once said so you need to treat your display suite exactly just like this - your stage.  The space is an extension of your brand, one that speaks without you having to say anything because after all, it is about being on show and creating a voice for your brand.

An artfully designed display suite should therefore evoke a sense of community, and not to mention, your sales team would appreciate a home ground advantage. In fact, 90% of our luxury developers convert their sales in a display suite.

3. Captivating copywriting

This is our personal favourite because the pen is mightier than the sword and words matter. If you are selling on an exclusive level, trust me that your million-dollar buyer will appreciate quality literature.

Choose your copywriter wisely because each word needs to dance off the page and take your buyers on a journey. Nothing is more powerful than when you integrate stunning renders with the symphony of beautifully orchestrated literature. One piece of advice - less is more.

4. Sexy social media ads

Five years ago, Facebook and Instagram were seen as amateur advertising while television and print desperately clung to relevance.

Today, it is no longer uncommon for us to see between 35% - 45% of sales conversion coming from social media. So what social ads reign supreme?  We have found that 20-second video ads drive more traffic than static images - especially in luxury brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton that have mostly pivoted their campaigns to 20-second videos.

To create a great 20-second video ad, always remember these three key elements: brand statement, value proposition, and CTA. Start your ad with a statement that will spark the interest of your buyers. You need to get your audience's attention immediately and always emphasise why you are so unique. This anchors their attention.

Finally, include a Call To Action (CTA) which instructs them on where to go or what to do.

5. Epic website

Have you ever heard the saying “you eat with your eyes?” This common adage simply means that design and the perception of quality matters. The same is true for business at the exclusive level, meaning your buyers make decisions with their eyes and user experience is not to be underestimated.

Elite developers we work with understand and appreciate that a beautiful, engaging and high converting website is their most powerful digital tool. It is their development’s online universe - one which is seductive and immerses you into their world. They leave nothing to chance.

If you cannot invest in a beautifully designed website, how can you expect your clients to invest a million or two in you? Here are the top 3 elements a great website always features when designing your next campaign:

  • Seamless navigation
  • Unique messaging
  • Outstanding design

We recently reviewed some of the world's greatest property marketing websites and what made them great for inspiration.

Final Words

Creating and launching a successful campaign is having the ability to master multiple moving parts simultaneously. If you want your campaign to succeed, you must never compromise on any elements because competing at this level requires continuous excellence, and excellence is a lofty trophy.  Elite developers understand that a great campaign becomes transformative while recognising how much influence they bring in shaping how people live.

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