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What We Are At


We are a premium digital agency and collaborate with some of the country’s most recognisable real estate and property development brands, delivering innovative marketing solutions with international reach. Our experience, knowledge, dedication, and strategic approach are why developers choose us as their marketing and sales partner. Using a formidable combination of research, data interpretation and marketing expertise, our job is to generate enquiries and help our clients sell their properties.

Financial Services

We grew up in finance and we love numbers. We started working with brokers and private equity funds so our client experience is focused on what matters most – generating a return on investment. Our commercial acumen and human insight help us create campaigns that truly impact the bottom line.


Lead Generation

We generate high-quality, pre-qualified leads by intuitively identifying your audience, and proactively nurture those leads through a meaningful journey to convert them into paying clients.

How do we do it?

Through methodical, comprehensive research on location, age, income, education, income, and profession. At the heart of our business is a keen understanding of key buying motivators, and this combination of human and technical expertise means we consistently exceed clients’ expectations, delivering ongoing feedback and outstanding results.

Sales and Marketing Consulting

Our team has helped developers market over $1 billion worth of property across Australia and Asia.

Sales and marketing exist in collaboration, and we raise our client’s profile in a fiercely competitive global marketplace.

Our international reach and insights, along with our understanding of finance and metrics, is what sets us apart from traditional marketing agencies. We continually add value, responsively nurturing leads throughout the sales process.


Research and Global Strategy

Global in perspective and local in outlook, we operate across Australia and Asia.

We come from all over the world, each of us with a strong passion for enhancing EDC’s international approach. 80% of our team is bilingual.

The foundation of a successful global marketing strategy is knowing the audience and adapting the message and medium for maximum impact.

Website and Landing Page

Your website and landing page is the heartbeat of your digital strategy. We direct your audience to an eye-catching and engaging online platform where they will be captivated by the soul of your brand. This tool, crafted the Elite way, has unparalleled power to convert enquiries into sales.

The action that a visitor takes on a landing page is what determines the advertiser’s conversion rate, and that’s why our landing pages raise the bar.


Exceptional Content Creation

Content is king. That’s why we focus on crafting authentic, well-researched, error-free, beautiful content that is useful, interesting and compelling to the target audience, gaining their attention and, ultimately and most crucially, their trust.

Pairing the right words with the right imagery and digital design is the engine of our success and we take full ownership of the content we create for our clients.
We give our clients a strategic advantage by combining commercial insights with advancing technology to target their audience in an increasingly cluttered space.

Email Direct Marketing

Words are powerful.

Our talented copywriters have an instinct for effectively evoking emotion to help our clients sell their products or services. Our EDMs are clear, concise and consistent, and are created to educate, entertain and engage audiences, boosting open and click-through rates and generating enquiries.


Social Media Management

We are committed to increasing the success and profitability of your business by telling the world your story. This is why we create personalised content to market your business and generate sales by fully engaging your audience and making them feel invested in your story.

We are adept at creating a lasting positive impression and at reaching a diverse pre-qualified audience, but ultimately we only care about the leads we generate.

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